Mapquest Classic

Isn’t you looking for the Old version known as Mapquest Classic? Hope you are doing that only! because we would love to tell you that Mapquest has been updated a time ago to a better version of it. Mapquest classic won’t provide you these stuff and features with which they are facilitating us at this time. Before there was a little shortage of the peculiarities like now but it was very lite and adventurous, Cause you wouldn’t know what’s gonna happen in your path or way towards the location you are moving or in which direction you are going.

Below we have given a look on the Mapquest classic and steps to use it. Read it once to known fully about it

How to use Mapquest Classic?

  • Open the web browser you use the most or download it from Google Play store, Apple App store or, anywhere you like.
  • Enter the URL of the search engine you want to use to get access to mapquest classic on the go.
  • You will find the on the First place, The mapquest official website.
  • Open it and start using it to take help from all its features.

Classic Mapquest Driving Directions

Once you have Entered the Mapquest Classic you will be able to use Maps, Find driving directions, Live traffic updates, as well as road conditions. These things can make your day good by helping you through its fantastic features of showing the routes through the Mapquest route planner only on the best and the only one among all Mapquest Classic. Older versions are now not available, it was known as the beta versions while launching it official world widely on the internet. Hope you will love and enjoy while using Mapquest Classic as your helping hand when moving from one place to another with Friends, Families or with the couple travellers. Enjoy!