Best Motorcycle Glasses

best motorcycle glasses


Sunglasses are not just a compliment. In addition to bestowing personality sunglasses also play a key role in our health. They are the way to protect us from sun rays, which as they are dangerous to the skin can also cause irreversible damage in sight.

In this guide, we explain why it is so important to wear sunglasses when we should do it, what are the problems that can lead us not to carry them and what we should take into account when choosing them.

They’re more than just a fashion accessory. Not only in summer, but any sunny day of the year, having proper sunglasses becomes practically essential when you get off your bike.

You remember Arnold Schwarzenegger on a Harley-Davidson Fat Boy on the Terminator? Leather jacket and sunglasses… but without a helmet.

Why the Sunglasses are so Important?

It is at the time of year when the Sun rays fall perpendicularly on the earth, and it is more annoying and also more dangerous for our health. At any other time, some factors can slow down the harmful effects of the sun.

So the clouds act as a screen and so the cloudy days do not need sunglasses. Meanwhile, in autumn and winter, the sun has a diagonal impact, and the radiation is less, so the sun is less harmful. The ophthalmologist Francisco Javier Hurtado Belt, medical director of the reminding clinic and member of the Spanish Society of Dermatology, explains it be compared to a cloudless summer day and one of winter without clouds: “In similar circumstances, the sun is much more Dangerous in summer. ”

But contrary to what it may seem, they play a significant role in protecting their eyes from external aggression.

Dust, insects, small fragments or any element present on the road can become serious security threats. Even in the event of an accident, having adequate eye protection could prevent serious injury. The leading brands of motorcycle manufacturers are aware of the importance of this accessory, and many of them already incorporate in their offer sunglasses specially designed for use by motorists. Would you know which one to stay with?

The drivers are one of the groups most exposed to solar radiation, with effects both for their visual health and for road safety. The Race offers recommendations and the conclusions of the report optical protection in driving are as follows:

Six out of ten drivers do not know the effects of solar radiation on their visual health.
33% of the drivers are not usually protected with sunglasses while driving, and 12% never do.
25% of the drivers claim to have suffered a dazzling risk situation.
Driving with the sun in front next to driving with fog is the situation that
More visual fatigue leads to drivers.

We recommend you to check out the best motorcycle glasses, which meet the recommendations and follow the trends of this summer in sunglasses, this has suitable for driving lenses. We choose them for their color, shape, brand, how they combine with other accessories or garments, or merely to reduce the amount of light that affects our eyes, making much more comfortable driving even in those moments when the sun Presents face.